ALPHA classes
ALPHA classes intelligently integrate cardio, (body) weight, Pilates, and meditation sessions with combinations of rowing exercises to maximize total fitness results. Motivational instructors, upbeat tunes, and like-minded ALPHA athletes combine for a thrilling experience designed to help you discover your prime state.

ALPHA theater
The ALPHA theater is where all our curated workouts occur. This high-end space is creatively designed for an entertaining group exercise experience that is tailored to everyone.

The ALPHA theater is a performance-driven environment, equipped with:
– 20 workout spots consisting of Technogym’s Skillrow, an exercise mat, and a fresh towel for your workout session.
– Additional training items like sandbags, dumbbells, and elastic bands are neatly displayed and ready to go.
– An immersive LED wall and LED lighting scattered throughout the room creates the perfect atmosphere for every class.
– High-quality surround sound system motivates you throughout your session.

ALPHA RESET is a uniquely dynamic workout. With an optimal mix of Pilates, meditation, breathing and Skillrow exercise, your body & mind is given a chance to recalibrate.

ALPHA IGNITE (HIIT) is the toughest cardio workout we offer featuring quick fire, high-performance rounds of Skillrow, and dynamic (body) weight sequences that test your limits.

ALPHA STRENGTH is designed for building overall (lean) muscle, pure power, and resilience using a Skillrow, weights, and stretching combinations.