What to expect
As you enter into the ALPHA31 gym for the first time, you will be launched into an exhilarating group exercise experience with 20 like-minded athletes in our innovative ALPHA theater. Highly trained fitness instructors will guide you through an engaging workout, combining bespoke training routines with a uniquely entertaining approach.


What to bring?
Bring your indoor sports shoes, and we recommend activewear that makes you feel comfortable. To complement your ALPHA31 workout, make sure to arrive with enough energy and resilience, and something to drink during the class. You can also charge up with healthy drinks and snacks that are available from our Grab & Go bar. Fresh towels, hairdryers, and all the necessary care products for a well-deserved, post-workout shower are waiting for you in our dressing rooms, letting you unwind in peace.


The ALPHA theater
Designed to create a boutique exercise experience, the ALPHA theater is home to every workout. After reserving your session online, your workout begins, with a Skillrow, exercise mat, and fresh towel waiting for you. Once you have selected your personal weight kit with help from your instructor, you are ready to go. Just make sure to bring along some water as things might get hot and sweaty.

Our group exercise experiences are made personal with SMART-displayed real-time fitness insights, which allow everyone to reach their ultimate fitness results – at their own pace and level.

Why the Skillrow
The Skillrow maximizes your training experience through the sensation of rowing on water. From cardio to strength to power, the machine’s various engagement levels provide an optimal full-body workout. With each stroke, more than 85% of your muscles will be activated through pull & stretch movements, strengthening your core and helping to create the best posture for your body.

By incorporating the Skillrow into our classes, you will burn the necessary calories every session, making it the most rewarding exercise possible.