Our FAQ will help you to find all the answers to your ALPHA31-related questions.

What is ALPHA31 and what does it offer?

ALPHA31 is a high-end boutique gym. We offer three types of 45-minute full-body workout sessions – Reset, Ignite and Strength. These are all uniquely designed in experience and outcome, intelligently integrating rowing and other impactful routines.

What is our Code of Conduct?

To make sure that your studio visit is pleasant and as rewarding as possible, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:
α: Respect your ALPHA team members.
α: Once you’re inside our studio, set your phone to silent. Need to make a phone call or receive an emergency call? Feel free to leave your phone at the front desk and please keep your voice to a minimum.
α: Conversing with other participants during an exercise session is not recommended as it may be distracting to others. You can always catch up before or after a session in our comfortable lounge in the lobby.
α: We recommend seeing through your class until the end. Leaving early may be disturbing for others and it’s also a hindrance to your overall fitness results.

What type of workout sessions do you offer

We offer three kinds of workout sessions – ALPHA RESET, ALPHA IGNITE and ALPHA STRENGTH. You can discover everything about each workout session on our classes page.

Can I store my phone on the Skillrow during class?

There is a save phone storage system on your Skillrow.

Why are ALPHA31 workout sessions ‘SMART”?

ALPHA31 sessions are supported with real-time, tech-enhanced personal fitness insights, which will be shown to you during your workout session to maximize performance.

What kind of (extra) fitness equipment will be used?

During your workout session, we will be using the Skillrow and a workout mat. Depending upon your chosen class, we also integrate dumbbells, sandbags, elastics, Pilates balls, and hip bands.

Why integrate rowing?

In a nutshell, rowing enables us to maximize your fitness results through the following:
– Activate the total body
– 85% of your muscles are active.
– Burn up to 800 – 1000 calories per session.
– Improve your posture.
– Improve endurance with high intensity.
– Avoid stress on your joints through low-impact movement.

How long does the rowing interval of the total class go for?

Depending on the class you have chosen, the rowing interval will repeat three or four times for four to seven minutes.

What kind of rowing machine do we work with?

We work out using the advanced Technogym Skillrow machine. Check this link for the catalog.



What are the intensity options on the Skillrow?

Low, medium and high resistance options help to improve power, while speed levels from 1 to 10 focus on cardiovascular health (heart and lung function). For more information about the Skillrow check this link.

I haven’t worked out for a while, is this a problem for the workout sessions?

Our workout sessions cater to all, varying from low intensity (α Reset) to high intensity (α Ignite & Strength). We encourage you to discover more about each class and to tackle each session at your own pace. Our instructors are always there to guide you.

I am pregnant, can I still join an ALPHA31 workout session?

In most cases, yes. But, always listen to your body, adjusting the intensity of your workout to suit, while avoiding uncomfortable positions. If there is any doubt, contact your GP to evaluate your condition.

How old do you have to be to join an ALPHA31 workout session?

The minimum age to join an ALPHA31 workout session is 16 years.

What type of music will be played during an ALPHA31 workout session?

Each workout session is complemented by a unique playlist, curated by our house DJ or your instructor. House, pop, and hip-hop (beat based) will all be part of the experience. We also offer “theme sessions” based on music genre, style, or artist. Learn more on our Events page.

How do I sign up for a workout session?

To get the best workout experience download the ALPHA31 App here.
Please, first register, then buy credits and book your class.
You can also sign up true this website or drop by our studio and register at our reception. Depending on availability you can join a workout session straightaway.

I can’t make it to a workout I reserved, can I cancel it?

We have a 12-hour cancelation policy. If you cancel 12 or more hours before your session starts, your credits will be refunded to your account. If you cancel within 12 hours before your session starts, you will lose the credits for the class.

When is the workout schedule released?

We release our workout schedules every week for the following two weeks.

What happens with my credit if I don’t turn up to a booked workout session?

Your credit will be lost and labeled as ‘no show’ in your account. Read about our cancellation policy in our Terms and conditions to find out more.

What happens when a workout session is full, is there a waitlist option?

Yes, we have a waitlist. All you need is at least one credit in your account to join the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist and unable to attend, make sure to remove your spot from the waitlist otherwise your credit may be lost.

When I’m on a waitlist, how do I hear if a workout spot is free?

If a workout spot opens up and there is a waitlist for this session, a push notification and or email (depending on your settings) will be sent to members on the waitlist, to notify them of an open spot. This email acts as a ‘first come first serve’ opportunity. The first person to select ‘Book now’ will be enrolled and removed from the waitlist.

Is it possible to reschedule a workout session?

Yes. You need to cancel the original session first and then book a new one. If you decide to cancel a session, please keep in mind that you can cancel anytime up to 12 hours prior to the session, otherwise your credit will be lost.

Can I book a specific workout spot when I book through a platform partner?

Our platform partners have their own rules and regulations. You can find these on their booking website.

Why do platform partners have different workout session prices compared to ALPHA31?

This is our Partner’s Policy. Reach out to their customer service for more information about their rules & regulations.

Which workout session suits me best?

The type of workout you take depends on what you want to accomplish, how you feel, and what you enjoy. We recommend trying all ALPHA31 sessions so that you know what class works best for you. For the ultimate all-around fitness results, we advise switching up your routine by taking different sessions every month.

Do you work with packages?

Yes! You will find more information about our packages on our Pricing page and in our Terms and conditions. Credits for pursuing classes can be purchased directly on our app and website. Every class has a cost of one credit.

Do you work with memberships?

Yes, we offer Personal, Buddy, and student memberships. You can find detailed information about our memberships here on our  Pricing page and in our Terms and conditions.

What is a ALPHA Buddy membership?

With a buddy membership, two people can follow our classes on one membership.
You can follow our classes together or separately.
Each of you has your own My Wellness account with your own class credits.

How do we sign up for a ALPHA Buddy membership

The person from whom the four weekly payment is to be withdrawn from the bank account signs up through our Pricing page or App. She then sends an email to hello@alpah31.com with her Buddy’s first name, last name, date of birth, and email address. We will then create an account for her and we will make sure it is supplied with enough credits every four weeks.

Membership approval period Stripe

It might take two working days for Stripe (finance partner) to approve the periotic automated payment. To book classes during the approval period, send an email to info@alpha31.com – Attn: Provide credits, include your name and studio address, and credits will be transferred to your account for the approval period.

How do I pay for a workout session?

To participate in a workout session, you must pay with credits. These can be bought via our App or website, via your account. Every session costs one credit.

What payment methods do you accept?

For our Packages, we accept payments by IDEAL, Apple pay and Credit card. For our memberships, we accept SEPA (bank account), Apple pay and Credit card.

I would like to try an ALPHA31 workout session, do you offer a trial package/class?

Yes! Currently, we have an Explore 3 classes deal, giving you a significant discount on your first 3 workout session. You can explore more about this offer on our Pricing page.

I bought credit but I would like to cancel this transaction, can I get a refund on these credits?

Only if you purchased your credit online via Ideal, Apple pay, or Credit card and ask for a return within 14 days, can you get a refund. If you purchased your credits in the studio, we are unfortunately unable to refund you. Also, check our Terms and conditions.

Do I need to bring a towel?

There is no need to bring a towel as we have fresh towels laid out for you, waiting at your workout spot and in our dressing rooms.

Can I buy a water bottle in the studio?

Yes, you can buy bottled water and other beverages at the studio.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have spacious lockers in our lobby and changing rooms. They have easy-to-use digital locks with instructions posted inside the locker door. Our Terms and conditions apply to the storage of your personal belongings.

Can I shower after the class?

Yes, our studio has bathrooms with private showers. Here you find fresh towels and essential care products including shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Our changing rooms are also equipped with hairdryers.

Do I need to create an ALPHA31 account to book a workout session?

Yes, in order to book a workout session, you need to create an account. You can easily create an account via our App and our website.

How long before the class starts should I arrive at the studio?

We advise that you come to the studio 10 minutes before your class begins. This gives you enough time to check-in, change and set up your workout spot. The check-in closes 2 minutes before class starts.

What can I expect when I arrive at the studio?

First, you will need to check-in at the reception with our studio team. We will then sign you in and tell you more about our studio and how ALPHA31 workout sessions work. Our trainers will help you set up your workout spot and the instructor will explain how to use it best.

What should I wear to an ALPHA31 workout session?

We recommend wearing activewear that makes you feel comfortable, and indoor sports shoes.

In what language will ALPHA31 workout sessions be taught?

All ALPHA31 workout sessions are taught in English (and Dutch).

Is it possible to buy merchandise using ALPHA31 credits?

No, credits can only be used for ALPHA31 workout sessions. You can easily purchase all merchandise from one of our self-service kiosks in the studio.

What are the return policies on ALPHA31 merchandise?

Unwashed, unworn, and labeled items can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund.
Receipt or proof of purchase must accompany the return in order to process the refund.
All sale items and all accessories are final sale unless stated otherwise. Our Terms and conditions apply.

Not found what you are looking for?
Please contact us at info@alpha31.com and we will get back to you within two working days.